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Our goal is to make your experience with our dental software smooth, easy and without compare.
If you have a good idea related to our products or services, if you have a potential market for our software, contact us.

Customer satisfaction

Most people have investigated numerous dental packages on the market. Lot of it contain hidden costs. Our application come with one time pay - life time license with NO HIDDEN COSTS.

Our application is very informative and easy to use. Our application does not require specialized training. Anyone should be able to sit down and with very little effort start using our system.

Our customers can also rely on the fact that we will continue to improve our program, as we have also done for the last 10 years. The very first version of the program was written for the Windows 3.11. Current version of dental software working on any windows OS.

So if you choose us, you will choose reliability, quality for Amazingly 120 EUR Affordable Price life time license with no hidden cost. Impossible? Download and check all options before you decide to buy it. Installation size is less than 3MB...

History of dental software

     First version of dental software was created in 2001 after Zoran M. Djuric, created the first prototype of the product which was used in his friend practice on Windows 3.11 running on PC AT 286 with 1MB of RAM memory

     Now our software run on any PC Computer, Running Windows 98, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Windows 7.

     Because we are an small independent company, we are able to work with our customers on a personal level and give what large corporations cannot give - time and attention.

     We offer Windows®-based solutions such as medical management offering a complete suite of electronic medical records, managed care, scheduling, management and patient charting automation software and services. To be more efficient and organized, start using our programs today! Let us help you with the right software for your practice or billing service.

     We can attribute its success directly to:
  • An experienced and loyal team of people who work together to serve our customers.

  • Our Windows-based practice software is multilanguage software that is designed according to the dynamics of the dentist office.

  • Continual striving to provide better training and support based on feedback from our customers.

  • Our software development is based on customer input, market analysis, and related industry input.

  • With all of its improvements and new features Practice Medical Software is the practice management solution your office can't do without!

  • We know how your medical office works and how we can benefit your practice.

  • We know how to provide software solutions to the health care profession.